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Welcome to the New Planet!

2011: There's no stopping us!

2010: Here we go again!

2009: Onward and upward!

January 2008: Gearing up for another year at the Planet!

November 2007: Getting ready for turkey and wrapping up another year at the Planet!

May 2006: Still here after all these years!

March 2004: We've moved to a new server.  What that means is we won't have long periods with no updates due to FTP access problems.  Oh, and a new, NEW Gallery!

November 2003: New Pics in the Gallery!

August 2003: A couple of weeks behind 'cuz of computer crash.  Back up, and up to date.

February 2003: Added the Picture Gallery.

January 2003: Well, we made it through another one!  When asked how we felt about 2002?  To quote Charles Winchester from the old M*A*S*H* series: "I forget it.. as it happens!"  'bout says it all.  Let's hope this year rocks.

July 20, 2002: Due to time constraints and the desire to get the New Planet to youz, I'm posting them, initially, without links.  This gets them to you quicker, and as we get time for research, the linked version will be posted (usually a few days later).

July 6, 2002: Just survived another "4th of Julie".  No terrorist attacks... must be out of sparklers.

June 28, 2002: Just got some photo's in from Phil's trip to NY.  Hope to post those pics soon.

June 15, 2002: Some good links in this weeks Planet Proctor.  Some Adult linked items as well. (you've been warned!).

June 8, 2002: Latest Planet (15) up in record time. Phil is back from his trip to Broadway, Yale and West Hartford and has big news that he's going to be the voice of "Big Brother", one of this summer's returning big reality shows on the big eye, CBS. It's for 13 weeks starting in July every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday!

May 28, 2002: Benway has boarded ship as webmeister to steer the Planet to new orbits.  Phil and Benway will bring you a slick, rubber lined web site that will keep a man punching 'till he's drunk from the spaced out mind of Phil Proctor.

May 11, 2002: Our dear friend, Tiny Dr. Tim passed away recently. His friendship and Firesign efforts will be missed. A nice Eulogy Given By Phil Austin on "Fools In Space" XM Radio Show- May 18th, 2002 is HERE.

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